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Nutritional Counseling

Feel your best

Not every food is good for every body. We can find the most ideal nutrition for your specific body through laboratory testing. We can explore things like SIBO, food sensitivities, candida overgrowth and more.

IV Therapy

Hydrate and energize

IV therapy allows vitamins to be infused right into your blood steam and by bypassing the digestive tract it allows your body to utilize the nutrients in the most efficient way.

Botanical Medcine

Nature cure

I often use herbs and supplements in my treatment protocols. They are a powerful medicine and can help with many different conditions

Lab testing

We have a test for that!

Whether you are looking for food sensitivity testing, thyroid testing, hormone testing or more - the chances are we have a test for that!

Pharmaceutical Prescriptions

Access when needed

I have the ability to prescribe things like antibiotics, thyroid medications and more when it is needed.

IUI for Fertility

Intrauterine Insemination

At Integrated Health Clinic I offer IUI sessions for couples struggling to get pregnant. We can do medicated or unmedicated cycles

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